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The Olsen Twins Show Off Handbags and Superior Style at Barneys New York (Forum Buzz)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at Barneys New York - The Row handbag collection unveilingOn Wednesday night, the Olsen twins held an intimate unveiling of their luxe handbag collection for The Row at Barneys New York. The handbags may have been the focus of the event, but forum members couldn’t get over how good both of the girls looked with their glowing skin and corn silk blond hair. 

“Wow, THAT'S the way I love to see them! They look so great and sophisticated (without looking like old ladies),” wrote 0oYCRo0.

Thefrenchy posted, “Their look was spot on… It will probably go among my favorite looks of the year. Both of them looked great, but Mary-Kate was just perfect. Her outfit was perfectly accessorized with that divine jewelry and the gorgeous blue croc The Row pochette.”

Kimair wanted a closer look: “I love what both of them are wearing! I wish there were more pics of Mary-Kate's outfit from the front, according to, it's a The Row shorts suit.”

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at Barneys New York - The Row handbag collection unveilingMelly5525 shared her compliments for both girls. “Wow the girls are looking hot,” she wrote. “I can’t remember a time when they both looked so gorgeous in amazing clothes. Mary-Kate looks glowing with her tan and I’m in love with her outfit, that blue blazer is fantastic. I love Ashley’s dress as well; very cute and different. Hope they keep this new look up!”

*ana*  posted her approval as well. “They both look fantastic! I'm not surprised I ADORE Ashley's look, but wow, Mary-Kate, this is the best I've seen her look at an event in a while.”

Let’s hope the glow of success clings to them a bit longer so we can continue seeing pulled-together fashionable outfits that are simultaneously creatively styled and wearable.


Images: via the Fashion Spot forums.