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Harper Seven Beckham Makes Her Photographic Debut (Forum Buzz)

There isn’t much to say beyond the typical baby adoration praise of “so cute,” “adorable,” and “precious,” and forum members used all of those words to describe the just-released photos of Victoria and David Beckham’s baby girl, Harper Seven (I still can’t get over the silly middle name. Seven!? Really?!). 

Victoria Beckham with newborn daughter Harper Seven - first public picture

Forum members would have gone about the naming process in a different way. They were down with Harper but like me, stumbled on Seven. “Harper Victoria Beckham would have been a nice name… I wonder why they didn't go with that considering Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz all got David's name as their middle names?” asked funkystar. The Harper Victoria suggestion was met with support, but I think we all know our opinions over in the forums won’t change anything.

David Beckham and newborn daughter Harper Seven - first public photo

So, get an eye-full of the next fashion inspiration for children everywhere (and maybe for some adults too). If we know Victoria Beckham, Harper is going to have more high heels in her walk-in closet than Suri Cruise does. Or, wouldn’t it be kind of hilarious if Harper idolizes her three older brothers and in tribute (to Victoria’s horror of course) turns out to be a tomboy? Either way, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more pictures of Harper in the future.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.