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Topshop Model Codie Young Admits That Controversial Photo Was ‘Too Thin’

Even though Topshop replaced the controversial photo that eating disorder activists railed against as "too thin", a recent interview with the model threw a couple coals on the fires of Internet outrage.

Codie Young Topshop

WWD spoke to the model photographed for Topshop's latest campaign, Codie Young, and she agreed that she'd looked too thin in the original image (above): "I just think it was a combination of being poorly Photoshopped and it was also a bad angle. I mean, that’s not what I look like."

Codie promises that she's just "naturally skinny" and actually really loves junk food and eats sweets, something no one has ever heard a model say to anyone ever before.

Model Call: Codie Young – WWD