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Vanessa Hudgens Goes Short for ‘Gimme Shelter’ (Forum Buzz)

Dakota Fanning may have fake cut her hair for a movie role, but Vanessa Hudgens did it for real. Maybe she’s trying to prove to everyone that she’s a serious actress now who will sacrifice her beauty to access the true grit of her character. 

Vanessa’s look in Gimme Shelter is definitely a far cry from the High School Musical persona we’re used to seeing her embody. Upon seeing a picture of her on set, xxfashion asked, “What. Did. She. Do?” Cuteshorty was “speechless.”

Vanessa Hudgens on the set of Gimme ShelterVanessa Hudgens at the premiere of Captain America: The First Avenger

Left: On the set of "Gimme Shelter" in New Jersey – Right: At the Los Angeles Premiere of "Captain America:The First Avenger" – Apega/

The new hair is definitely easier to get used to when Vanessa is off set. “I actually think it looks good. Much better than her extensions!” myown posted. Caroliiine isn’t optimistic that the new look will last very long. “Well, we all know Vanessa looooves her extensions so she'll probably put them in as soon as the role's over and we'll be seeing her with long hair again,” she predicted.

Lizbabe09 posted, “Her new hair reminds me of the Kardashian's mother.” Something tells me that Kris isn’t the member of the Kardashian clan that Vanessa would most like to resemble. Especially if the resemblance to Kris is because the hair “ages her so much,” as courtneyjanex said.

I would actually love if she chooses to defy predictions and expectations and lets her hair grow out naturally rather than getting extensions once filming is over. Wouldn’t that be kind of refreshing?