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Tyra Banks Debuts Her YA Novel

Tyra Banks ModellandTyra Banks is on a promo tour building up hype for her upcoming Young Adult novel, Modelland, loosely based on her own life. She showed up on The Today Show to show off the book cover, which I'm surprised to find myself actually loving in a totally genuine, un-ironic way.  She also spent the morning riding the New You City subway in a full-on pink catsuit (photo below) which — I just don't really get the connect.

On the bright side, this is bound to be the single most stunning work of celebrity fiction since Snooki's A Shore Thing. Unlike the Jersey Shore star, Tyra Banks apparently wrote this thing on her own, so it's sure to surpass Snooki's as a comic masterpiece. If the model-turned-empress had consulted with me, I would have advised her to include a glittery pop-up element to the book: at each dramatic scene or turning point in the story, there could have been a pop-up photo of Tyra Banks, costumed as the protagonist, acting out that charged, crucial moment with campy aplomb. Would have been stunning. See Tyra, you never listen to me, but I get you.

Tyra Banks in a Catsuit on the Subway

Tyra Banks Debuts the Cover of Modelland – Modelinia

Tyra Banks Rode the Subway in a Skintight Pink Catsuit – The Cut