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Ryan Gosling Goes Bleach Blond (Forum Buzz)

Ryan Gosling goes blond for 'The Place Beyond The Pines'We all know that actors and actresses often make changes to their appearance so that they can embody the character they’re playing. Lately we’ve seen Dakota Fanning don an Ellen Degeneres-style wig for Now is Good, Vanessa Hudgens lopped off her long locks for Gimme Shelter, and now Ryan Gosling has gone blond for his role as a motorcycle stuntman turned bank robber in The Place Beyond The Pines. The question is: does he pull it off? 

Chickadee seems to think so, but she may just be blinded by Ryan’s considerable charms. “Is it wrong that I still find him out of this world hot?” she asked.

“I still think he is cute with the blonde hair,” inhirnamy137 posted. “I mean his face is the same,” she pointed out.

Sobriquet87 was also on board. “I actually like the bleach blond hair and tattoos look on him,” she shared.

Littlepaperstars thinks that Ryan’s unique sense of style will allow his character’s look to translate well into real life. She wrote: “The bleach blond could work on the red carpet, he could totally style it out with the right suit. It's Ryan. At least it's a full bleach not frosted tips or anything awful!”

I think this hairstyle and the forum members’ response may make it official: Ryan Gosling can get away with anything and everything.

Image: goslingfan via the Fashion Spot forums.