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Can Lea Michele Carry a September Issue? (Forum Buzz)

Lea Michele Harper's BazaarHarper’s Bazaar seems to think that Lea Michele has enough pull to warrant a September issue cover, but Fashion Spot forum members disagree.

After seeing the cover preview, lucy92 declared, “This star can't carry a September issue.”

Handbag Queen was “not at all impressed with the cover or the ‘star’ who's on it.”
“Seriously?” asked liberty33r1b. “What an odd choice.”
“Lea didn’t live up to the expectations of a September Issue,” wrote MON. “I feel so ashamed that I actually expected something spectacular from Bazaar. There’s nothing September-ish in this cover. Plain old white background, white dress, pink text and same old taglines. Lea does look good though but this could pass for a May issue. Sad for Bazaar that they didn’t level things up. Kate [Moss’] Vogue cover will put this to shame in no time.”
YourMonster wasn’t opposed to seeing a fresh face on the cover, even if it lacks the wow factor. “I don’t think Lea is undeserving of the cover,” he wrote. “I would much rather see a new face like hers as opposed to Jennifer [Aniston], Courteney [Cox], Demi [Moore], Gwyneth [Paltrow]. So, good on Lea for landing the issue. I just hope her editorial is a bit more inspiring.”
I hope so too: this issue needs to redeem itself, and that's coming from a closet (now out of the closet) Glee fan.

Image courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.