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Abbey Lee Kershaw for Versace’s Yellow Diamond Fragrance (Forum Buzz)

Versace is introducing their new Yellow Diamond fragrance with an ad campaign featuring Abbey Lee Kershaw. Forum members are less than thrilled with the result and can’t seem to get their minds out of the gutter (or toilet rather) on this one.

Versace Yellow Diamond fragrance ad - Abbey Lee Kershaw photographed by Mario Testino

“The title of the perfume made me so excited, but this is terrible,” wrote MyNameIs.
Street_a_Licious brought the conversation into scatological territory that the rest of the forum members couldn’t shake. “After someone on nstperfume mentioned 'fancy specimen cup' and 'urine', I can't unsee it,” he laughed adding, “Does kinda remind me of 'golden shower.'” We can’t unsee it now either.
“This looks like the cover of a super cheesy [romance] novel,” valliaddict posted. “You can call it Yellow Diamond or The Girl in the Golden Shower. All that’s missing is Fabio.”
Other forum members just weren’t fans of Abbey in the ad. “There's really something about Abbey's face in this which is making me dislike it. Sort of too much like a plastic doll… and certainly not in a good way,” wrote senorgemma.
“The campaign looks boring and amateurish” in m0del’s opinion. She wrote, “I'm really starting to dislike most of Abbey's recent work. Although in this case I don't know whether to blame her or just really bad photoshopping.”
With such scathing reviews from forum members and the unforgettable references they made, I think I’m probably not the only one who has no desire to find out what Yellow Diamond actually smells like.