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Rihanna Gets Bare in Barbados (Forum Buzz)

Rihanna has been in Barbados for the past week celebrating Carnival in the streets and hitting the beach for rest, relaxation and recreation with friends and family. It’s no surprise that considering her activities Rihanna has been scantily clad.

Rihanna at Carnival in BarbadosRihanna at Carnival in Barbados


Forum members had mixed reactions to Rihanna’s bejeweled Carnival ensemble and graphic gyrations. “Just an utter mess,” Eccentricity remarked. Lady B agreed saying, “So much tackiness, I have no words.”
Oversharer disagreed and jumped to Rihanna’s defense. “I think people are getting their panties in a knot!” she exclaimed. “Look at that grin on her face. The girl is clearly drinking, dancing, and having fun in a riotous atmosphere. As has been said, it's Carnival, from what I understand this is pretty par for the course. Beyond that, I don't see anything much more unsavory than the kind of stuff you see at clubs all the time. Has no one ever danced a little dirty here? Come on, loosen up! Sheesh.”

Rihanna in Barbados - white bikiniRihanna in Barbados - Bob Marley print We Are Handsome swimsuit


Rihanna’s beachwear fared far better with forum members who couldn’t help but appreciate the hard work she puts into her body. “All that from cardio huh?!” asked cuteshorty. She added, “I really need to amp up the cardio!” 
“What a body indeed. Love that bikini on her!” posted taydev. Ellielle agreed, “Her bikini is super nice. I love it!”
Forum members like Zposen and fantastical were also loving Rihanna’s more natural looking hair now that she seems to be taking a break from the candy-cane red she’s been sporting for while.
Rihanna’s full piece Bob Marley print swimsuit by Australian brand We Are Handsome also got some love from forum members. While I like the suit and think it works for Rihanna, the not-so-subliminal crease in Marley’s shirt that is strategically placed in the crotch area is kind of a deal breaker for me. And by “kind of” I mean definitely. I’ve spared you the straight-on shot (you’re welcome), but you can check it out here if you’re curious or if you have no idea what I’m talking about.