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Lady Gaga Sold 100K More Vogue Issues than Tina Fey

Vogue is the only glossy around that saw a spike in newsstand sales for the first half of 2011, and it's due to the magazine's March cover featuring Lady Gaga. Gaga's cover sold 100,000 more copies than the glossy's March 2010 issue featuring Tina Fey. Gaga's pose and the color contrast do make for an appealing cover, and the sunkissed calm vibes of Tina Fey's cover are a little disingenuous. That being said, Tina Fey is a millions times more awesome than Lady Gaga, whose mass appeal sort of disqualifies her from being truly chic.

Lady Gaga VogueTina Fey Vogue

Tough Times at the Newsstand – WWD