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Vogue Russia’s September Cover Flop (Forum Buzz)

Natasha Poly photographed by Hedi Slimane - Vogue Russia Sept 2011 issueHedi Slimane photographed model Natasha Poly for Vogue Russia’s September issue, but the high contrast result failed to live up to the expectations of most forum members. As usual, they didn’t hold back with their harsh critiques.

“What an awful cover! I like the idea and the colors, but the rest… [yuck],” wrote Forrest.
Ives927 expressed his disbelief over the cover image and accompanying editorial. “I am in utter shock that this was produced by Hedi,” he posted. “His photographs are always poetic and raw. None of these images represent [him as a photographer]. I find it hard to believe this came from Hedi given how well controlled and edited he is. Someone else must have had a hand in this.”
Yesitsdagny put the blame on the excessive use of Photoshop. “I never thought Natasha could look so bad. Thankfully it's not her own fault but that bloody overdone Photoshop. Vogue Russia has reached its lowest point ever… terrible.”
Bertrando3 held nothing back as he shouted out his vehement disapproval. “SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOO BAD!!! OMG! It's awful! Who did this hair/makeup? They should be fired right away! And who is the editor? It's such a disastrous image to use! The photographer also did a crazy bad job on the editorial and Natasha's posing skills on this one are not impressive at all… Hope it's just the whole team around her that made her look so bad otherwise she's done. Vogue Russia is such a letdown anyway but this one is the top of the worse they've done so far.”
I definitely seem to be in the minority here, but I actually don’t think the cover looks that bad. It's kind of dramatic and different, but I’m not giving it a ringing endorsement either.

Image via the Fashion Spot forums.