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90s Supermodels Fail to Excite on Vogue Spain’s September Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Spain September 2011 - Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen, Claudia SchifferYou would think that Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen, and Claudia Schiffer sharing the cover of Vogue Spain’s September issue would be cause for excitement, and it is – until you see the actual result of the photo shoot. Unfortunately, as forum members have expressed, the cover fails to live up to expectations. Claudia is really giving it to the camera and Eva looks passable, but something is just off about Helena (who I usually LOVE, so that’s especially disappointing).

“OMG this is horrible,” fluxxx posted. “When I heard about the rumor, I thought it would be superb but this is disappointing. WTF with Helena's face? Eva looks bland and Claudia looks okay though a little bit awkward.”

Miss Dalloway also threw in an “OMG” posting, “This is embarrassingly bad! Three stunning women, and they drag them out? It gives such a desperate vibe I can't like it. And Christensen's facial expression is the worst; I laughed out loud when I saw her. But none of them is giving good face.”

Fashion_in_love put the blame on post-production. “They are gorgeous naturally! Why so much Photoshop?” she asked. 

MON echoed many forum members when he said, “Great cast but they could’ve done something better.” He continued: “I dislike the wind effect and the red bar below. Ruins the feel of the cover. Makes it look amateur. Loving the legs though. Also," he couldn't resist adding, "there’s something wrong with Helena’s face.”

There was so much potential for something great here. Sigh.

Image scanned by Dosmujeres of Fashion Spot forums.