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Anne Hathaway Vamps it Up on the Cover of Interview (Forum Buzz)

Anne Hathaway photographed by Mert & Marcus - Interview September 2011 coverAnne Hathaway is Interview’s cover girl for its September issue and there is no doubt in the Fashion Spot forums that she absolutely nailed it. The dramatic high contrast black and white shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot features Anne in dark vampy makeup with a smoldering expression and a lace veil partially obscuring her face. The buzzword among forum members in response to the cover was “gorgeous.”

“This is so gorgeous. One of my favorite covers from Anne,” wrote congacon.

Empress Merel also made use of the buzzword. She posted, “It's gorgeous. Probably the first time I've ever liked a cover with Anne on it. Nice to see a change from the innocent, ‘goody-girl Anne’ they always like to do.”

Cottonmouth13 was also a fan of the cover. “Oh my… this is beautiful!” he exclaimed. “I'm loving the lace concept matched with Anne's ‘lady is a vamp’ facial expression. I'm a little, just a little, bothered with the embossed-type effect of the masthead title. But nevertheless, this is gorgeous.”

Fantastical gave the photography duo a lot of credit for the eye-catching cover. “I like how M&M are able to convert their celebrities out of their comfort zone,” she wrote. “They made Anne look so sexy and mysterious; two words I would never normally associate with her.”

It’s a rare thing to see so many forum members agreeing on something, but I’m drinking the Kool-Aid on this one too. When it comes to Anne Hathaway I’m usually lukewarm, but I’m definitely loving her here.

Image via the Fashion Spot forums.