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Alexander Skarsgard Lands Two Coordinating Magazine Covers With His Leading Ladies (Forum Buzz)

Alexander Skarsgard scored not one, but two coordinating magazine covers opposite the leading ladies in his upcoming films. Kate Bosworth may no longer be the leading lady in Alexander’s real life, but she is featured in a mirror image of his BlackBook September issue cover and she stars in their upcoming film Straw Dogs. On the October issue of Wonderland, Alexander is pictured on one cover while his Melancholia costar Kirsten Dunst is featured on the other.

BlackBook September Issue cover - Alexander SkarsgardBlackBook September Issue cover - Kate Bosworth

These two coordinating covers seem to be an attempt at capitalizing on Alexander’s current popularity – especially since they’ll be hitting newsstands while new episodes of True Blood are airing and he is so heavily featured on the show this season. Despite his popularity and undeniable sexual magnetism, forum members think that Kate’s BlackBook cover outshines Alexander’s. “I love Kate's cover,” wrote Psylocke. “The black/white/red works so well with her face and her amazing eyes. Alexander's is boring.”
Cottonmouth13 also preferred Kate’s cover. “This is just fantastic. But I was drawn right away to Kate's cover. Such stunning face she has,” he posted.
Frk-frost tried to put her finger on what was “off” about the cover. “For some reason I don't like the look of Alex's cover,” she wrote. “Maybe it's the red color? I wonder if it was chosen to match Kate's lipstick?” Whatever it is, Kate is clearly coming out on top on this one.
Wonderland October 2011 Cover - Alexander SkarsgardWonderland October 2011 Cover - Kirsten Dunst
Alexander fared a bit better mirroring Kirsten Dunst on the cover of Wonderland. “I actually like both covers – simple and cool,” wrote Luxx. “Kirsten's image looks a little washed out, but it is still eye-catching. She's great in front of a camera.”
KateIsGr8 posted: “WOW! I love both of them, it's gonna be super hard deciding which to buy.”
“Not one, but two good covers, well done,” Miss Dalloway commended. 
If this were a competition I would call the Wonderland covers a tie. Either way though, a double dose of Alexander Skarsgard never hurt anyone. 

Images via the Fashion Spot forums.