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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Pump Up Their Casual Style (Forum Buzz)

Forum trendspotters are predicting that pumps will be a big shoe trend this fall and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have already been spotted sporting the look. Earlier this week the twins were photographed leaving the Bowery Hotel in New York City and both girls dressed up their casual outfits with a pair of heels in styles daintier than the platforms and chunky shoes that have been so popular for a few seasons now.

Mary-Kate Olsen in New YorkAshley Olsen in New York

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in New York City (Images: celebutopia via the Fashion Spot forums)


“I'm in love with both girls' shoes in the latest pictures,” Thefrenchy admired.

“Love it all!” Valentine27 declared. “Can't say which one is my favorite but they are seriously killing it,” she added.

Kosmonaut thought Mary-Kate’s styling was “masterful.” She posted, “I LOVE how Mary-Kate made those [Louis] Vuitton pumps work in a casual outfit.”

Ashley got her fair share of admiration as well. *ana* complimented both girls on their “awesome shoe choices” before saying, “Ashley's look is definitely one of the best all-black looks I've seen recently.”

I, for one, am excited about the return of the pump. I’ve got quite a few pairs in my closet that I would love to take out, dust off and throw on with a pair of jeans. I love when I can make my old things look new again. But, I also don't think I'm fooling myself or anyone else… there is sure to be a new pair of pumps (or two or three) in my collection this fall.