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A Wasp-Waisted Stella Tennant Covers Vogue Italia’s September Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Italia September Issue - Stella Tennant Photographed by Steven Meisel - Avant-GardeVogue Italia’s September issue features Stella Tennant in a Deborah Milner corset over a Prada coat with earrings by Lynn Ban and Fenton and a noise ring by Ugo Cacciatori on their “Avant-Garde” cover. The cover received a lot of love from forum members, but as usual there were also a few dissenters.

Iluvjeisa was an instant fan: “Love at first sight. Scissors, nose ring, ridiculous waist – all in the most elegant cutting off the dead wood style. And the utmost sense of pitying dread in her eyes. Ah, September, I love you,” she wrote. 
MON was also thrilled with the result. “The waist sure does hurt. But my God! That looks so damn beautiful! Their best September cover ever since September 2008… love the fact that Stella is on the cover. I love how the cover looks so haunting and at the same time refreshing. Love the background. Loving the colors.”
AgrenateD described her take and why the cover got her excited to see what else is in the issue. “It's as if Tim Burton went on a trip to Japan, shacked up with a horticulturist, had a daily binge on Japanese horror films, and this shot was the result,” she laughed. “I've never been too keen on Stella and [Steven] Meisel has bored me to tears with his last few editorials but this is quite a good collaboration I'm seeing. It's great when a September issue makes you very much anticipate the actual content, as opposed to the number of ad pages with the content as an afterthought.”
Helmut.newton declared the cover to be a disaster. “Awful! The casting, the styling, the mise-en-scene – everything is a disaster. What’s more, it looks like one big bore.”
For me, Stella’s appeal as a model grows every time I see a photo of her, so I’m loving her here and I love that this cover is something different from the norm. There’s definitely a story to be told with this photograph and its accompanying editorial and Stella is the perfect model to convey it.

Image via the Fashion Spot forums.