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Arizona Muse Does a Triple Take for Vogue Australia’s October Issue (Forum Buzz)

Arizona Muse - Vogue Australia October 2011 coverFor Vogue Australia’s October issue, photographer Kai Z. Feng photographed model Arizona Muse for three different covers. A caption on each cover reads: “Arizona: Fashion’s new muse,” but Vogue Australia seems a little behind in the game with that declaration. We’ve been chronicling Arizona’s meteoric rise in the fashion industry since January of this year, and Anna Wintour has even voiced her admiration for the model. Either way, three covers is still a victory.

Betrandro3 was thrilled with Vogue Australia’s efforts, and he’ll take as much of Arizona as he can get. He posted: “Soooooooooooo beautiful! I love this girl, she has so much poise and charm. Anna Wintour was dead-on right with her: ‘mix between Natalia [Vodianova] and Linda [Evangelista].’ She has such amazing modeling skills, I wish we could see her on talk shows and doing more so then we can hear her talk and become a supermodel, not just a very good editorial and campaign girl.”
“I love the first [version], Arizona is staring right through the cover,” SugarMe wrote. “Very eye-catching. There's something about the text placement of the other two that I'm not loving, though I do like them as well.”
Arizona Muse - Vogue Australia October 2011 coverArizona Muse - Vogue Australia October 2011 cover
MON couldn’t contain his excitement or his exclamation points: “Oh my gosh! Vogue Australia is on a roll! These are all just so beautiful! I can’t stop looking at them! Nice and clean indeed! I just love it so much! Arizona looks so darn beautiful! Effortless beauty. I love how her effortless poses are matched with subtle backgrounds and ends up simply stunning. When I first saw the thread I thought I was to see a same old Australian Vogue cover with cheesy taglines and same format as UK Vogue`s. But this is just different. I love the new light fonts. It really goes well here. I hope they stay with this layout! Beautiful!”
Vogue28 complimented Vogue Australia on their “much-improved fonts and layout,” and YourMonster, who posted from Sydney, agreed. “This is wonderful. It'll sell really really well here in Oz because this is exactly the sort of aesthetic that we respond to… simple, clean and very chic. There’s nothing showy or contrived about the covers – I’m glad about the minimal text as well. Perhaps Kirstie Clements should keep her job in the top seat, it’s been an awesome year so far for her and the Vogue team.”
So, Arizona Muse strikes again, and I can’t help but think that she'll grace at least another cover or two before the year is out. There are still a few months left and this certainly has been her year.

Images: Next Models Blog via the Fashion Spot forums.