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Adele’s Vogue UK Close-Up (Forum Buzz)

Adele Vogue UK October 2011 cover by Solve SundsboAdele graces the cover of Vogue UK’s October issue in a close-up shot by photographer Sølve Sundsbø. Though the general consensus among Fashion Spot forum members seems to be that Adele is an incredible singer with a beautiful face who they were happy to see on the cover, they also thought that a close-up beauty shot for the cover seemed safe and predictable.

“I personally don't see the point of deciding to use a plus sized star such as Adele and then cropping so much into her face,” honeycombchild complained. “It's predictable and sort of stupid. It's Adele. We all know what she looks like. We can handle more than her face and lots of hair. She's a beautiful woman and that should be shown.”
Les_Sucettes expressed some frustration of her own: “I do not think Adele has ‘a beautiful figure’ nor do I care about her looks, and that's also not what Adele is all about, but magazine editors should gives us a bit more credit. Do they think we are all going to scream ‘outrage’ if they show a non-model body on the cover? I'm sick and tired of seeing Adele close ups, they are everywhere. I like her editorial though,” she added.
The excessive focus on Adele’s close-up got Miss Dalloway thinking. “We are all making too much out of this,” she posted. “I mean sure they could have not done yet another portrait with [Adele]. But let's be honest, [Vogue UK does] like doing covers like this. [Gwyneth] Paltrow was on the cover with just a head shot, Alexa Chung, and lets not forget the most famous size zero in the world, Victoria Beckham, was photographed for the cover image in a very simple way as well this year. I really appreciate that they put someone like Adele on the cover; I didn’t think it would happen, but here it is, and it’s wonderful.”
Like it or not, I’m glad to see a different face on the cover of a fashion magazine every once in a while. Plus, Adele is such a class act and the sheer force of her talent leaves me in awe so I kind of love her no matter what, and I can’t bring myself to complain.

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums