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Kate Bosworth’s Controversial Parisian Candid Look (Forum Buzz)

Kate Bosworth Paris candid lookKate Bosworth’s stylist, Cher Coulter tweeted the photo at right with the caption “kb just sent me this photo and said running around Paris in @jewelmint!! look how chic she is!!” Forum members were definitely looking, but there was a lot of disagreement as to whether Kate’s ensemble was actually chic.

HeatherAnne was on Cher’s side saying, “She looks great, her most stylish candid look in ages in my opinion.”
Isa.b.elle. on the other hand, was horrified. “Oh my… that has to be her worst daytime outfit ever,” she wrote. “It looks so styled (poorly styled) and pretentious.”
Harumi also hated the look. She posted, “Not only is the outfit utterly hideous (I like fur, but not when it looks like road kill), but… she looks like a 2-D cartoon drawing.”
Charlieandmarie went so far as to call the outfit “one of her worst.”
A few brave souls (including me) peeked out amongst all the outfit hate and confessed to liking the look (or at least not hating it) but I think overall we’ll have to mark this one in the “miss” column.

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.