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Alexa Chung’s Stella McCartney Look Gets No Love (Forum Buzz)

Alexa Chung wearing Stella McCartney dress and Jimmy Choo shoesAlexa Chung’s bow-bedecked look at a recent Stella McCartney event in New York received no love from Fashion Spot forum members. The ensemble of a dress by Stella McCartney worn with glittery Jimmy Choo loafers and unkempt hair was not on par with the styling that we’ve come to expect from Ms. Chung. 

“Not keen on the McCartney dress, but she still fails to look ugly, and as she said in that Harper’s Bazaar interview, she likes clothes that make her 'look like a cake' and this is almost achieving that,” wrote LuellaLuella.
“She looks like a grandma,” casaanova unhappily decided. 
“If you chopped the Stella McCartney dress somewhere above the knee it would actually be ok,” maybelaterblue suggested. 
It’s really too bad that Alexa didn’t go with a shorter version because that could have really saved the look from its unapologetic frumpiness and forum members would probably be singing a different tune. Actress Andrea Riseborough wore a knee-length white on white version of the dress in Venice and it was really much more charming. 

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.