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Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe Snags Vogue’s October Cover (Forum Buzz)

Michelle Williams October 2011 Vogue coverIn honor of Michelle Williams’ upcoming film, My Week With Marilyn, Vogue styled Michelle as Marilyn Monroe’s doppelganger and had Annie Leibovitz photograph her for the cover of its October issue

Forum members have already been debating whether Michelle will make a good Marilyn, but this cover is adding fuel to the fire and the debate has flared up once more. 
“Looks ridiculous. I never got why they chose her to play Marilyn in the first place,” mackos posted.
Ives927 wrote, “I thought Vogue was a fashion magazine. This would fit Vanity Fair more. Frankly, I don't see fashion, I see costume. I know she's promoting her role/movie, but stick to fashion, please.”
YourMonster on the other hand, was a big fan of Michelle on the newly revealed cover. “I think the cover is wonderful!” she wrote. “The big thing for me is that this cover is much more memorable in comparison to her last US Vogue cover which I only realized she had when I was sorting through my issues. I looked at it and thought… how plain! I’m excited about her playing Marilyn and the cover only heightens that for me.”
Miss Dalloway expressed her mixed feelings. “Would never think they would actually shoot her as Monroe for the COVER! I'm excited for her portrayal of Marilyn so I don’t mind this at all. It is a bit gimmicky though,” she admitted.
Gimmicky or not, the cover definitely draws attention to the upcoming film, and I think people will run out and see it whether they like Michelle or not. I hope she proves all the naysayers wrong and blows us all away with an incredible performance.

Image: facebook/Wei Chun via the Fashion Spot forums.