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The Olsen Twins Take on Superga (Forum Buzz)

Mary-Kate and Ashley OlsenIn addition to all of their other fashion-related endeavors, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen recently made a deal to become Creative Heads for Italian sneaker brand Superga. The deal was made through Steve Madden Ltd., who owns the North American license for the brand and already has a relationship with the twins – the shoes for Elizabeth and James are produced through a Steve Madden licensing deal.

WWD reports that “the Olsens will launch an upscale spring 2012 sneaker collection that will be co-branded with The Row and will be available in stores where The Row’s clothing and accessories are sold.” Mary-Kate and Ashley will also being developing all creative and marketing initiatives for Superga. The sisters are hoping to get Superga into high-end department stores and boutiques to sell between $60 and $150.
“Looking forward to seeing how this goes, and the price doesn't seem to be very high,” MaybeJaded posted. 
“These girls are such crazy workaholics,” laughed Thefrenchy, “not to mention savvy businesswomen. As if being in charge of The Row, Elizabeth and James, Textile Elizabeth and James, Stylemint and Olsenboye (is that still on?) wasn't enough, they're now adding Superga. They are on pretty much every segment of the market now, no? I wonder what will be next?”
Softgrey posted, “An interesting development… to be sure… Superga is a great brand… I don't think it's going to be so difficult to make them hot and trendy again like they were in the early 90s… keeping them hot is the trick with this kind of thing really. Though I do kind of wish [the Olsen twins] would concentrate on their own label The Row… I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops.”
I’m interested in seeing how this develops too. Does anyone else feel like every trendy girl on the planet will be shod in Supergas come Spring 2012?

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.