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Doutzen? Is That You on Vogue Germany? (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Germany October 2011 cover - Doutzen Kroes by Camilla AkransCamilla Akrans photographed model Doutzen Kroes in a retro look for the October 2011 cover of Vogue Germany. The styling and photography almost rendered Doutzen unrecognizable. Forum members were not impressed for the most part.

“What the hell [did they do] with her face? Is that really Doutzen?” asked Marc10.
“She looks awful. What a tasteless cover!” congacon posted. 
Bertrando3 agreed: “Awful. It looks so passé!” he wrote. “The photography technique, the makeup, styling, hair, nothing works here! Poor Doutzen, her Elle cover wasn't that good and this is worse.”
The cover reviews weren’t all negative though. Clocked posted, “I like it, Doutzen plus Camilla plus Miu Miu… all good for me. It's not perfect but it rarely turns out well when people try to make this Brigitte Bardot thing happen, they always overshoot it.”
MissMagAddict also liked the cover. “Perfect hair, makeup. Right on trend. Love seeing Doutzen like this,” she expressed.
The scans that have surfaced of this cover thus far all look wildly different, so I suspect the real thing (color-wise at least) will look better than the preview image we have. The magazine looks straight out of the 80s, but Doutzen is undeniably beautiful, so I think it still kind of works despite any shortcomings.