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Carine Roitfeld and i-D Want Us to ‘Dream Big’ (Forum Buzz)

Carine Roitfeld Fall 2011 i-D coverTerry Richardson photographed Carine Roitfeld for the first of i-D’s four covers for “The Dreams and Aspirations Issue.” During her tenure at French Vogue Carine became something of a celebrity in her own right, and though she excels at producing the content within magazines, forum members seem to have mixed feelings about whether she should be featured on their covers. The execution of the i-D cover was also lacking for some.

“Golly… that’s a terrible cover,” YoninahAliza posted. “Shame really because Carine is quite pretty but here she just looks miserable and not like herself. Although that being said, I'm kinda sick of seeing editors or people working in the industry on the covers of magazines themselves. Shouldn't they be behind the scenes rather then in front of the camera?” she asked. “This cover certainly cements the fact that editors are no longer just working for magazines but [have] also [become] stars in their own right. Which on one hand is cool but on the other hand kind of bothers me.”
Tentalicious wrote, “I'll be honest, I'm more interested in reading about her experience at Vogue Paris or her thoughts about the fashion industry than seeing her face everywhere… I hope she has something inside [the magazine] and not only the kind of things like 'chic ou pas chic.'”
Melancholybaby has kind of had enough of Carine in general at the moment. “At this point I'm tired of seeing Carine everywhere,” he wrote. “She's become so annoying and overwhelming that I'm starting to get really bored of her.”
Despite the opinions above, not all Fashion Spot forum members are sick of seeing Carine. Mackos  posted, “Well, Carine obviously can do no wrong in my eyes, so [I love it].”
HeatherAnne was also a fan of the cover. “Everything about that cover is so right on,” she wrote. “Love it!”
For those of you who aren’t fans of Carine, the other three i-D covers feature Lara Stone, Fei Fei Sun, and Abbey Lee Kershaw. There’s sure to be something for everyone in that bunch.
Lara Stone Fall 2011 i-D coverFei Fei Sun Fall 2011 i-D coverAbbey Lee Kershaw Fall 2011 i-D cover