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Emily Blunt Wants to Sell Us Some Opium (Forum Buzz)

YSL announced that Emily Blunt is the new face of their Opium fragrance. She will appear in a television ad campaign shot by Romain Gavras and a print campaign shot by Patrick Demarchelier to promote the fragrance. Fashion spot forum members generally like Emily, but the image that YSL has released thus far doesn’t inspire confidence that she’ll embody the sexy, sultry, forbidden-fruit kind of vibe that Opium has projected in the past.

Emily Blut for YSL Opium fragrance
“I seriously hope this is a behind-the-scenes picture and not an actual campaign image,” wrote Melancholybaby of the buttoned-up, smiling Ms. Blunt.
Naïade was also unimpressed. “Remember the ad they ran during the Tom Ford era? With the decked-out naked redhead?” she asked, referring to the provocative (and probably iconic) ad image featuring Sophie Dahl. “That's the kind of vibe you get from this scent. This ad makes it look like it's an ‘urban fashionista’ kind of scent. Misleading, to say the least.”
Sophie Dahl Opium ad image

Sophie Dahl's iconic Opium ad
“That shot looks more like Emily at home after she's received the news of how much she'll get paid for this campaign,” tigerrouge quipped. “Not even in the nineties did anyone mess too much with the Opium formula of amber-tinted sensual transgression in perfume form.”
“Is there anything less Opium than this? Anything?” asked a frustrated iluvjeisa. Probably not. Let’s hope this is in fact some sort of behind-the-scenes image and that the commercial and print campaign will surprise us in a good way.  

Emily Blunt image: via the Fashion Spot forums.