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Old Meets New on Tavi Gevinson’s L’Officiel Magazine Cover (Forum Buzz)

Tavi Gevinson on L'Officiel's October 2011 90th Anniversary coverParisian magazine L’Officiel is celebrating its 90th anniversary by featuring fifteen-year-old fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson on the cover of its October issue. Love it or hate it (and many did not love it) forum members had a lot to say.

Mikel expressed his exasperation at the choice. “You're one of the oldest fashion magazines in France. One could say you're an institute. You're celebrating you're 90th anniversary. So congratulations! But why on earth put an American teen blogger on your cover? I fail to see the logic in that,” he wrote.
Envogueforever was also displeased. “Oh my goodness. Seriously? Has L'Officiel sunk that low?” she asked. “I don't understand these magazines that feature bloggers simply to remain of 'our time.' If Tavi represents our time or the future of fashion, then get me a time machine presto. I don't want to look up to a fifteen-year-old.”
|PerfectTonight| shared a different view: “I'm so happy for Tavi. She's a perfect example of what L'Officiel has worked towards during these 90 years, creating a strong fashion culture and influences to individual styles and personalities established at young age. Tavi represents the impact fashion media is having on the future generations. Looking like a French bonbon is also a huge plus.”
Tigerrouge isn’t a fanatical Tavi fan, but she appreciated the sentiment behind the cover.  She wrote, “Tavi wouldn't motivate me to buy a magazine, but I like the way the cover presents a combination of youth and yesteryear – the granny-child sitting in the big chair, dressed like a grande dame who's going senile, yet also scribbling in a little notebook like schoolgirls do.”
I didn’t know what to think when I first saw the cover image but I like tigerrouge’s whimsical analysis, so I’ll embrace this attempt to mesh the old with the new. I can appreciate the quirkiness.