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Sienna Miller’s Makeup Mishap (Forum Buzz)

Sienna Miller with Mario TestinoSienna Miller showed up at the Moet & Chandon Etoile Awards in London sporting an uncharacteristically dark makeup look that just didn’t work. Doesn't every fashion magazine advise against wearing both a strong eye and strong lip? Sienna's look is a great example of why we should all heed that advice.

“I think the dark eyes AND dark lips ruins the look. They should have picked either the dark lipstick, or the dark eyeliner and left the rest simple. She never looks good when she's got too much makeup on her,” wrote balmain.
Nita-karoliina also felt the makeup was too much. “At first I didn't recognize her!” she exclaimed. “Not a fan of her eye makeup. I prefer less is more.”
Bad-but-stylish thought the makeup had the dreaded effect of aging the actress. “I'm sorry to say that but she looks cheap, this heavy make up doesn't suit her at all and makes her look ten years older,” she wrote.
The forum member critiques may have been a bit harsh, but so was that makeup. The picture above is one of the more flattering ones.

Image: Sienna Miller with Mario Testino – zimbio via the Fashion Spot forums.