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Numéro Delivers a Dark and Dramatic October Cover Featuring Karmen Pedaru (Forum Buzz)

Numero October 2011 Cover - Karmen Pedaru by Greg KadelThe cover of French fashion magazine Numéro’s October issue features an exotic looking Karmen Pedaru in a dramatically dark photograph by Greg Kadel with gold metallic lettering showcasing the title of the magazine behind her. For many forum members, this cover was love at first sight.

“Gorgeous, my favorite Numéro cover in a very long time,” congacon wrote.
Clocked asserted, “This cover kicks so much butt.”
Northern Star exclaimed, “Jeepers!!!! I wasn't expecting that. What an incredible cover image and easily one of the best of the year. The gold text is really gonna stand out against the darkness and Karmen is looking sensational here and the styling and everything else is spot on. Well done Numéro.”
Well done indeed. It’s nice to see that some magazines to continue to bring on the drama even after their all-important September issues. Plus, there's a fantastic editorial inside featuring model Jessica Miller photographed by Camilla Akrans, so this issue could be well worth picking up.