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Mary-Kate Olsen Has a Goth Daphne Guinness Moment (Forum Buzz)

Mary-Kate Olsen at a Malibu wedding - September 2011There aren’t a whole lot of pictures to react to, but Mary-Kate Olsen attended a wedding last weekend in Malibu in a look that got forum members buzzing. Just a glimpse was all they needed. Cloaked in swirling back fabric with smoky dark eye makeup, white-blonde hair and black and white cheetah print heels, the look read a bit more “funeral” than “wedding.”

Mangotree found the ensemble to be so unappealing she threatened to (finally) rescind her love for Mary-Kate. “Oh my God, the white hair and witch style again,” she complained. “If she continues going down that route, for me she once and for all WAS my style icon. She looks horrible and simply weird. That look does nothing for her beauty (she once had).”
MaybeJaded agreed, saying: “No! First, it's a wedding, not a funeral; smile Mary-Kate. Second the hair color and ‘do, the makeup and the black outfit makes her look 45-years-old not twenty-five. She sometimes looks older then she really is, but this time it’s quite shocking.”
Shocking or not, the witchy woman look worked for lemeray. “I love her witch style! I can imagine her being Daphne Guinness when she's fifty,” she wrote.
Chic.adore was on board with the look as well. “I actually prefer her when she looks like an old Goth-lady, to be honest,” she posted.
Dauphine also appreciated the departure from the norm. “I'm into the witch look,” she admitted. “People don't bring the weird often enough. I'm glad Mary-Kate doesn't dress like a 'typical' socialite rich girl.”
This isn’t a look I would wear to a wedding and the hairstyle is definitely a bit mature, but I think Mary-Kate kind of pulls it off. She marches to the beat of her own fashion drum, so who are we to judge?

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.