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Ponystep Serves Up Scary Awesome Covers With Donatella Versace, Elvira and Dame Edna (Forum Buzz)

Ponystep Donatella Versace coverPonystep chose an intriguing trio of “women” – Donatella Versace photographed by Miles Aldridge, Elvira photographed by Matt Irwin, and Dame Edna photographed by Alice Hawkins – for the three covers of their latest issue.

“So. Amazingly. Terrifying. I love it,” iclawhands said in response to Donatella’s cover.
Darri kind of seemed to feel the same way. “I kind of like it because she looks terrible, but somehow still great?? Maybe its also the layout and colors,” he wondered.
“This lighting does not flatter Ms. Versace but I still like the power woman thing it has going for it,” crosidan observed. “I find the other covers interesting as well if only for the people on them,” he added.
Donatella’s cover wasn’t kokobombon’s favorite. “She looks like a badly photoshopped drag queen,” she posted. “I prefer the other two covers.”
They may all look like drag queens, and one of them may actually be one, but there is something empowering about seeing these older ladies vamping it up on the cover of a magazine without it being tagged as "The Age Issue."
Ponystep Elvira coverPonystep Dame Edna cover

Images: via the Fashion Spot forums.