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Michael Pitt Covers Another Man’s Autumn/Winter 2011 Issue (Forum Buzz)

Another Man Autumn/Winter 2011 Cover - Michael Pitt photographed by Hedi SlimaneHedi Slimane photographed Michael Pitt in fine form for the cover of Another Man’s Autumn/Winter 2011 Men’s Fashion Issue. The magazine advertises his intimate conversation with Patti Smith (among other things) within its pages, but the cover image alone is enough of a draw for some forum members. 

“He's so handsome,” gushed TREVOFASHIONISTO.
TaylorBinque posted, “I think I'm totally buying this one. He looks very handsome here.”
“Hottest fall cover undoubtedly. He looks stuuunning,” clocked wrote. 
Even MulletProof was impressed. “YES!” she posted. “Love the Patti Smith-Michael Pitt-Jamie BochertAnn Demeulemeester circuit. The interview should be about all four!” she laughed. “This almost makes me forget the new design and Tom Ford’s cover. Hope the content's just as promising,” she added.
The “After Dark” text at the bottom of the cover is superfluous and doesn’t enhance the image in the least, but I’m not even really a Michael Pitt fan and I think overall this looks good. The cover photo makes me think that he and Hedi work well together, and the fact that the perennially cool Patti Smith seems to like him doesn’t hurt either.