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Kirsten Dunst Impresses On and Off Screen at the Premiere of ‘Melancholia’ (Forum Buzz)

Kirsten Dunst has already been receiving a lot of great buzz for her performance in Lars von Trier’s new film, Melancholia, but this wouldn’t be the Fashion Spot if we didn’t pay more attention (or at least equal attention) to her outfit at the London premiere of the film than to her actual performance in the film itself.

Kirsten Dunst - UK premiere of MelancholiaKirsten Dunst - UK premiere of Melancholia


Vikingqueen weighed in on the film saying, “Just saw Melancholia… Kirsten gives an amazing performance. All of the cast does actually, but she is stellar. She better get an Oscar nomination!!”
Angelfish was also impressed by the film and Kirsten’s performance in it. “It was so chilling… I don't see how [Kirsten] wouldn't get nominated, she was utterly spellbinding… without a doubt the best performance of her career thus far. I'm so excited for her!” she posted.
Reading the film reviews dauphine expressed her anticipation of “lots of great photocall style,” and Kirsten definitely delivered, continuing her impressive Cannes film promotion style with her latest appearance in London. 
Forum members were not disappointed by Kirsten’s brown dress with a subtle paisley print that she paired with navy blue pumps. “Such a pretty dress at the premiere event,” Gleam posted.
 “She looks divine!!” casaanova exclaimed. 
“She looks simply lovely!” jacquelyn paige agreed. “I love her dress, and her hair style is perfect!”
Well played in London, Kirsten. We can’t wait to see what she wears as Melancholia continues to premiere in other cities.