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Rihanna in Armani for Vogue UK

Rihanna Vogue UKRihanna covers Vogue UK's November issue. Wearing an Armani dress and photographed against a sky blue backdrop, the pop star poses in a platinum blonde wig for no apparent reason whatsoever.

This is Rihanna's second Vogue cover this year, following her stint as the face of US Vogue's April Shape Issue. I like Rihanna—I think her style is fun and she sings songs that make me either feel things or want to dance—but this latest cover is a dud.

The asymmetrical top on her Armani is trying too hard, as is the bottoms-up angle of the shot. Neither are flattering, and the background is a bore. From the styling to the photography to the layout, I think the creative team is probably most responsible for the shortcomings here, but it's not like Rihanna's stilted pose is doing this shot any favors.