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Chloe Sevigny’s Dark ‘Do Was a Don’t on Kenzo’s Runway (Forum Buzz)

We’ve spotted Chloe Sevigny sporting dark locks for a while now (since the summer anyway), and though a few candid photos have popped up here and there, the new look hasn’t really been on display until she closed the Kenzo runway show in Paris the other day. 

Chloe Sevigny backstage at Kenzo Spring 2012Chloe Sevigny on Kenzo runway Spring 2012
Clearly on hand to lend her support to Kenzo’s new design team, her friends Humberto Leon and Carol Lim of Opening Ceremony, Chloe modeled what appeared to be a shiny belted blue update on a workman’s jumpsuit. Given that the severe dark hair and eyebrows already made Chloe look almost unrecognizable, it probably would have been in Humberto's and Carol’s best interest to at least show off Chloe’s awesome legs instead of covering her up in billowing blue awkwardness.
“Completely different girl,” atlantis commented.
“She looks awful and that suit is a horrible fit,” ShoeGal4Eva lamented.
Fontana asked, “Emily Blunt, is that you?” Not to bag on Emily Blunt, but Chloe does look more like Emily (on a bad day) than she does herself in the images from the Kenzo show. 
I actually don’t think the brown hair is bad on her – at least I didn't before I saw her on the runway – but the combination of the lighting, makeup and clothing at Kenzo weren’t doing Chloe any favors. However, I’m sitting here referencing a Kenzo show that in the end was pretty forgettable, so in terms of Chloe’s association creating buzz for the brand, mission accomplished.

Images: closeup by IMAXtree, runway shot by