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Kristen Stewart Gets an Image Makeover (Forum Buzz)

Kristen Stewart Glamour Cover - November 2011Kristen Stewart’s PR team has got her working overtime in what seems to be an attempt to overhaul her image and make her more palatable to mainstream moviegoers. She appears on the covers of both Glamour and GQ next month in an attempt to portray the requisite Hollywood teen star transition from girl to woman. Kristen’s fans in the Fashion Spot forums find the image makeover to be a bit jarring. 

“Her people are trying to sell her to the studios with the Glamour cover – the more mainstream she is, the more they will buy into her as more people will go to see their movies,” impossibleprincess explained. 
Caroliiine expanded on the idea, “Her team is trying to turn her into the average starlet now. It was inevitable, but I wonder what her old fans will think since one of her big appeals was that she was 'different'/indie and unlike the other Hollywood celebs… now we are seeing her in a huge commercial film, she goes to fashion shows and does yoga. Maybe we will soon see her in street clothes that aren't just plain, knotted tees and skinny jeans. That would be the next logical step in her transformation.”
“They're trying too hard to make her sexy and it's not working for her!” luckyduck complained in response to the Glamour cover and accompanying editorial. “It'd be cool if they just let her do her tomboyish thing rather than this glamourpuss/sexpot thing,” she continued.
Kristen Stewart GQ cover - November 2011In case the soft “sexpot thing” approach on the cover of Glamour was too subtle, Kristen’s GQ cover photo amplified the message. “They're trying to turn her into a sex symbol as that's what sells. But it's all so overtly contrived,” impossibleprincess lamented.
Cinthia wrote, “I don’t think it suits her. I don't think she's into that type of photo. It looks awkward and stiff.”
HeatherAnne intuited why this “sexy” campaign doesn’t seem to be working. “She is definitely NATURALLY sexy in every sense of the word,” she wrote. “Which is why the latest two, very commercial spreads, both feel a bit strange. These spreads both take away Kristen's unique (for a starlet) modest and unassuming sexiness and replace it with a cookie-cutter glamorized star sex appeal that does not feel authentic to her.”
If she can’t even sell sexy on a magazine cover, then is Kristen really that good of an actress? At least when she walked around all sullen, moody, and tomboyish it was believable.

Images via the Fashion Spot forums.