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Clémence Poésy Always Looks Awesome in Chanel (Forum Buzz)

Actress Clémence Poésy attended the Chanel runway show in Paris looking awesome as always in one of Karl Lagerfeld’s designs for the famed fashion house. Clémence has a Parisian ease in the way she dresses that forum members love, and they couldn’t help but gush about her look at Chanel.

Clemence Poesy in Chanel at Chanel Spring 2012 Runway showClemence Poesy in Chanel at Chanel Spring 2012 Runway show
“I love that dress so much. So glad Clémence wore it. She looks gorgeous,” Label Basher posted. 
For jacquelyn paige Clémence had a transformative effect on the dress itself. “Gorgeous. Stunning! Adorable! Lovely choice,” she posted. “It's not a dress I would normally like at all,” she continued, “but [Clémence] looks truly amazing in it!”
Chloe24 said more of the same: “She looks amazing in that Chanel dress. Really stunning dress, love everything about it.”
I’m convinced, but this is definitely a case of “girl makes the dress” for me. There’s just something about Clémence that’s undeniably alluring – at least for all of us Fashion Spot forum members.

Images: tifan via the Fashion Spot forums.