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Neiman Marcus’ Photoshop Fail (Forum Buzz)

Last month, Neiman Marcus promoted an exclusive Rachel Zoe clutch as a free gift with a $350 purchase in their stores or online, and of course, they had a model pose with the clutch to show how awesome it is, right? Not exactly. Clever members of the Fashion Spot forums uncovered that the clutch in question was actually Photoshopped into the crook of model Sasha Pivovarova’s arm. Chances are she's never even laid eyes on the bag.

Neiman Marcus photoshopped clutch photoNeiman Marcus original photo

Left: The “enhanced” photo with the Rachel Zoe clutch Photoshopped in. Right: The original image.
“It has the same shine highlights and everything,” SandraJH observed.
If that observation and the fakeness of the shot wasn’t convincing enough, Eterna found the original photo in Sasha’s thread and silenced any doubters.
“That’s one smoking gun,” iluvjeisa laughed.
Would it really have been so bad to just show a picture of the clutch on it’s own? The Photoshop makes it look more weird than good. Which is probably not what they were going for.

Images via the Fashion Spot forums.