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Rave Reviews for GQ Style China’s Red Cover (Forum Buzz)

GQ Style China #2 coverGQ Style China is not a magazine that is typically high up on our radar, but this latest issue featuring model Hao Yunxiang on the cover has been getting rave reviews from forum members.

“I absolutely love it,” tentalicious posted.
Bertrando3 was also on board. “LOVE THIS!!!! OMG this is sooooooooooo COOL + HIGH FASHION! The male model is great, love the pose, and text! Good one!” he posted excitedly.
Tigerrouge explained that the cover appealed to her for a couple reasons: “I live in a world where there can never be too much red, so I love the sight of this. Generally speaking, maybe it's because I can't get hold of them, therefore they seem more exciting – but Chinese magazines seem to have a sense of freshness and enthusiasm that I don't sense in many Western ones at the moment.”
HeatherAnne threw her two cents in as well: “Agree with all of you, brilliant cover!” she wrote. “The red colored minimalism is interesting, and something fresh from the all-white, all-neutral, all-black concepts we usually see. The styling is wonderful, and Hao looks absolutely beautiful.”
Red symbolizes good fortune and joy in Chinese culture. When it’s used to such dramatic and striking effect, it’s easy to see why. 

Image via the Fashion Spot forums.