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Rooney Mara Makes the Cover of Vogue (Forum Buzz)

Rooney Mara - Vogue November 2011 cover photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus PiggottThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo herself, Rooney Mara landed on the cover of Vogue’s November issue. Photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, the image is a bit darker than Vogue’s typical covers (which isn’t a bad thing, forum members are loving the drama) and though it is unfortunately inundated with too much text, Rooney looks stunning and the styling is a nice combination of her Dragon Tattoo character and her softer, real life persona.

Clo wrote, “Wonderful cover! I'm glad they didn't go for a girlier Rooney Mara and went for something edgier instead. Rooney looks great.”
Saann was glad that Vogue didn't go too edgy and styled Rooney in a Ralph Lauren dress with dragon embroidery on the mesh back. “The cover is so lovely, she looks beautiful… I'm glad they didn't go the character route that W went with. I'm also getting a 90s movie star vibe from her,” she noted.
Alice posted, “I haven't loved a US Vogue cover for a long time. The cover is truly amazing.”
“The image is so stunning, but the text is out of control!” Miss Dalloway complained. “Because the portrait is so simple and beautiful, it really is ruined by the ugly text (and that bloody banner!), could the name of the movie be bigger!! She looks lovely though, giving good face, very happy to see her get the cover.”
Iluvjeisa voiced her approval of Rooney’s Vogue debut. “She looks so stunning. What cheekbones and what a gaze… And the composition of the image is appropriate for the introduction of a new movie star to the general public. This is the way things should be done.”
This is the way things should be done indeed. The images of Rooney inside the magazine are great as well:
Rooney Mara Vogue Nov 2011 editorial
Rooney Mara Vogue Nov 2011 editorialRooney Mara Vogue Nov 2011 editorial
Rooney Mara Vogue Nov 2011 editorialRooney Mara Vogue Nov 2011 editorial

Images: via the Fashion Spot forums.