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Preview Sunday’s ‘Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind’ With Tom Ford – VIDEO (Forum Buzz)

Premiering this weekend on Sunday, October 23, at 8 PM Eastern time on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network is the long awaited documentary about Tom Ford, Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind. The film, directed by Michael Bonfiglio, follows Ford from his return to designing womenswear in September 2010 through the opening of his Los Angeles store in February 2011. 

It’s always nice to be able to sneak a peek behind the curtains of the creative process, especially with someone as talented and meticulous as Tom Ford. YoninahAliza wrote, “I'll be watching this documentary and I don't care that it's on OWN, a channel which certainly isn't aimed at people like me (i.e. young adults). I'm interested in seeing what Tom has to say and peek into his life.”
This film looks like a must-see for Tom Ford fans, fashion lovers, and fans of the creative process. Check out the trailer below and visit the Fashion Spot forums to see more clips from the film.