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Fendi’s Resort 2012 Ads are a Not So Mellow Yellow (Forum Buzz)

Fendi Resort 2012 ads - Natasha PolyForum members were happy to see Natasha Poly featured in Fendi’s Resort 2012 ad campaign, but the actual execution of the print ads overwhelmed the eye with a bright yellow background color. I actually tend to like yellow, but the shade used in these ads is a bit too bright and saturated. The color certainly draws the eye and makes you stop and look, but it feels like a gimmick and distracts from the clothes and accessories.  

“The background just kills your eyes before seeing anything,” congacon posted. “Can't stand Karl Lagerfeld's photography. It's going from bad to worse,” he added.
Miguelalmeida wrote, “Simple and gorgeous with a twist! LOVE IT! But agree on the background, too much yellow!”
“Love that it’s Natasha but the background [is awful],” ParisFashionMuse also agreed.
Looking at these ads kind of feels like staring into the sun. It hurts my eyes but if I put sunglasses on (or turn down the brightness on my computer screen) then they don’t look so bad.
Fendi Resort 2012 ads - Natasha PolyFendi Resort 2012 ads - Natasha Poly

Images: via the Fashion Spot forums.