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Elle Fanning was So-So in Valentino at the 2011 Hollywood Film Awards (Forum Buzz)

Elle Fanning in Valentino - Hollywood Film AwardsElle Fanning was another young actress whose look from the 2011 Hollywood Film Awards drew attention from Fashion Spot forum members. There were varying opinions when it came to her long Valentino dress and braided updo. 

Dajrekshn thought, “She looks great in that dress, that hair is a bit too much, but overall great look.”
Sobriquet87 agreed about the hair. “I think she just has too much hair for this type of style, but I do love that she did something new with it,” she posted.
Melly5525’s comment also had a qualified, I-like-this-but-not-that feel to it. “I love the dress, I think it’s beautifully made,” she posted, “but I don’t like the length on her, it overpowers her small frame. If it was short it would be a perfect look,” she added.
Elle was so close, but just not quite there. Not that it really matters; she’s got plenty of time to perfect her look. I think she’s doing a great job fashion-wise and she’s managing to keep things youthful and interesting. She looks really cute and really happy – no qualifications necessary.

Image: tifan via the Fashion Spot forums.