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We Love Aline Weber on the Cover of Numéro (Forum Buzz)

Numero November 2011 cover - Aline Weber photographed by Camilla AkransPhotographer Camilla Akrans captured a fuchsia-lipped Aline Weber’s intense stare for the cover of Numéro’s November 2011 issue and forum members are loving everything about it.

“The hair, lips, eyes, Aline is just perfect!” TeeVanity declared.
JennaaMonroe posted, “This looks like an amazing cover! I can't find one thing I don't like about it. Don't know much about Aline but this cover makes me want to find out more about her. It really is just stunning.”
LagerfeldBoy also heaped on the praise. “The hair, the eyes, the lips… oh my! Stunning! I haven't been this impressed by a Numéro cover in a very long time,” he wrote. “How can you go wrong when having Camilla photograph the oh so stunning Aline Weber?”
Manuva posted, “So happy for Aline! She's been working steadily for years, walks the right runway shows and now she finally gets the biggest cover of her career thus far. Such a great, refreshing casting choice, and I hope her career continues to rise from here.”
Hats off to the team at Numéro for another great cover. 

Image: facebook/Next Models via the Fashion Spot forums.