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Link Buzz: Heidi Klum Does Halloween as a Cadaver & Frances Bean Cobain Gets Engaged

  • Bendix Bauer KarlBarney's Co-op gets a makeover. Now go shop for your own makeover so you can help them recoup the costs. (WWD)

  • 19 year-old Frances Bean Cobain is engaged to The Rambles frontman Isaiah Silva. Someone must care about this news more than I do. Maybe Courtney Love? Pity her Twitter account's been suspended. (DippedInCream)

  • Hey, someone designed a handbag to hold boxed wine. Can't tell if it's classier than a flask, but it's definitely awesomer. (TheCut)

  • The most important thing I've learned from watching Beyonce videos is that I was doomed from the moment that I wasn't born Beyonce. (BellaSugar)

  • Thought Heidi Klum was dressing as a chimp for Halloween? PSYCHE. She decided to go as a cadaver. (FabSugar)

  • A German illustrator decided to draw fashion gods Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, and others as half-naked, over-sexed homoerotic superheroes. Should these images exist in the world? Probably not. But now that they do, you're probably going to go look at them, aren't you? (Copyranter—link NSFW)