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Is Dutch Vogue in the Making? (Forum Buzz)

Mr-Dale in the Fashion Spot forums shared the news yesterday that several sources were reporting that a Dutch version of Vogue is currently in the making. Dutch newspaper Het Parool noted that the news isn’t official and that contracts and negotiations are still taking place, but it seems like a trial version of the magazine has already gone to print. Forum members were excited about the prospect of Dutch Vogue.

“The more Vogues the better: it means more work space for our models,” laughed thunderstorm. “I think if the Dutch version will really come out, we will get another great edition of Vogue, since the Netherlands produce so many gorgeous models and outstanding photographers.”
HeatherAnne shared her vision for the potential new magazine: “With all the great Dutch photographers in the industry, the great designers located in their next door neighbor Belgium, and blue chip brands like Calvin Klein and Prada relying heavily on the Dutch models for their runway shows each season this certainly makes sense. Hope this takes off, and that they model themselves after Vogue Australia and feature a lot of their home country talent in each issue,” she posted.
Doutzen Kroes
Mr-Dale, who is from the Netherlands, wrote, “I'm really excited about this as well. Vogue Holland has always been a fantasy of mine. I hope they will find a way to make it stand out from the Dutch magazine crowd. Most Dutch glossies (save one or two) rely heavily on celebrity covers and gossip talk for content. I hope they won't go down that road. Instead they should look at what Vogue China and Turkey are doing. They're doing a great job with featuring local fashion people while still producing internationally relevant imagery. With the roster of models and photographers that Holland has to offer, that shouldn't be a problem. The first cover will probably go to Lara [Stone] or Doutzen [Kroes],” he guessed. “Most likely to Doutzen as hardly anyone in Holland knows who Lara is and Doutzen is quite the celebrity around here. Personally I envision a group shot with all the top and up-and-coming Dutch models that are around today. There are enough of them to fill two years worth of covers.”
The forum members pretty much said it all, but any new and original fashion content is always welcome, so let’s hope this is true. Plus, if the Dutch love Doutzen, who is amazingly beautiful, it certainly wouldn’t hurt us to see more of her.

Image via the Fashion Spot forums.