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Jessica Biel Covers the December Issue of Elle (Forum Buzz)

Elle December cover - Jessica Biel photographed by Carter SmithJessica Biel was photographed by Carter Smith for the cover of Elle magazine’s December issue with the accompanying headline: “Jessica Biel! Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Woman on Justin and Fighting for What you Want.” Reviewers in the Fashion Spot forums were somewhat puzzled (or maybe even apathetic) but generally positive.

“On the cover, she looks great, but, does someone really consider her to be ‘beautiful?’” asked MulletProof. “I have a feeling her appeal gets lost with the gender barrier, I know men that find her gorgeous, but I just can't see it,” she added.
"'Hollywood's most beautiful woman,' interesting that they choose to go with that for a tagline, she's certainly striking but the whole ‘who is the most beautiful’ debate could go on for ages. It is so subjective,” Luxx posted. “Anywho, nice clean cover, though I can't help but feel like they've airbrushed her body into something that is considerably less attractive than her actual figure.”
Marc10 wrote: “I usually don't care for Jessica at all, but she look really stunning here.”
I think branding anyone with the title of “Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Woman” is bound to cause some controversy, and it’s a tough title to live up to regardless of how beautiful you actually are. For me it’s especially tough to believe it here because I think there’s something off about Jessica’s face on this cover. I’m not sure if it’s an awkward angle or a little too much softness from Photoshop, but I just don’t think it’s one of her most beautiful moments. Like Luxx said about Jessica’s body on the cover, I think they’ve airbrushed her as a whole into something that is less attractive than the real thing. She’s already beautiful, why mess with it so much?