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Missoni Has More Lower-Priced Collections in the Works (Forum Buzz)

Margherita Missoni models M Missoni OrphanAidThe Huffington Post reported that Missoni is looking to capitalize on their hugely successful Target collection by taking part in more collaboration efforts with big retailers in the U.S. and Europe. Macy’s was mentioned as an option and their Impulse collections seem to be doing well (without eBay bulk-buying frenzies that clean out all their stock) so maybe there’s a chance that Missoni-lovers who missed out on budget-friendly pieces the first time around can actually get their hands on something without paying main-line prices on eBay.

“Oh God please YES,” Street_a_Licious posted at the thought of more Missoni collaborations. “H&M would do them so much more justice than Target,” he mused.
For those who are anxious and can’t wait for more lower-priced Missoni, the brand already has a 12-piece capsule collection of knitwear in the works for their M Missoni OrphanAid Africa Collection. You’ll be able to find it in M Missoni stores and on November 16 the pink and red pieces in signature Missoni zigzags will also be available online exclusively through
I think the lack of hype around the OrphanAid collection and its more limited availability through M Missoni stores and a high-end online retailer like Yoox will help to ensure that the clothes will be bought by those who actually want to wear them rather than by eBay resellers who are looking to make a quick tax-free buck. Are you getting how much I hate the concept of these resellers (I feel the same way when it comes to concert tickets)? I’m completely embittered after my own experiences with Missoni for Target.   
Bitterness aside, Justaguy agreed with my take on the OrphanAid collection. “Very nice!” he posted. “This stuff will be quickly snatched up by serious fashionistas!” 
Let’s hope so. Missoni is much better in the hands of those who know how to mix and match it. I think a lot of us have already been scarred by the wearing-too-much-Missoni-at-once fashion disasters that came out of the Missoni for Target collaboration.

Image via the Fashion Spot forums.