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Diane Von Furstenberg Doles Out Dating Advice

Diane Von FurstenbergLet's be real: Diane Von Furstenberg is amazing. When it comes to role models, in terms of style and everything else, there's no one else in the fashion industry that I'd rather look up to than the great DVF. Not only is she maybe the most charming person alive, the high priestess of the ever-versatile, flattering wrap dress, and the patron saint of prints, she's also acquired some serious clout as the President of the CFDA.

Now, Diane Von Furstenberg has decided to take on one of the greatest challenges of contemporary life: the first date. Partnering up with online dating site, DVF will be hosting a series of seminars devoted to solving the problem of the first date outfit. members will get "exclusive expert advice on how to dress for success using three popular first-date scenarios: cappuccinos, cocktails, and dinner." The events will tie in with the designer's new fragrence, DIANE, which boasts the tagline, “Be the woman you want to be!”

Okay, great, so now that I know that all I need to do to be the woman I want to be is wear her perfume, I'm not sure there's any other first date style advice I need to know. DVF already made a breakthrough in this field decades ago: when in doubt, wear a wrap dress. That principle applies not just to dating, but to every aspect of your life. Not sure what to wear to a movie? A wrap dress. Now sure what to wear to a meeting? A wrap dress, maybe with a blazer. Apple-picking? A wrap dress. Ad nauseum. A wrap dress is the answer to everything. As long as wrap dress continue to exist in the world, we shouldn't even be allowed to have problems. 

Diane's already given us everything we need to nail our first dates for the rest of eternity. Boys are the ones that need help.

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