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Isabel Lucas’s Blonde Hair Scare at the ‘Immortals’ Premiere (Forum Buzz)

Isabel Lucas at the Immortals PremiereIsabel Lucas attended the premiere of Immortals in Los Angeles, and while it should have been a good moment for her in the spotlight, forum members couldn’t get past her too blonde hair and her too tanned skin.

“I hate her hair color,” Prairie commented.
Alicia753 agreed, “Her hair color is all wrong, it's terrible,” she posted.
Littlepaperstars thought, “The color's not great but it would have been so much better if she'd stop insisting on turning herself that bizarre shade of orange.”
“Seriously, I don’t get why such a natural beauty would try to make herself look strange,” wrote Melly5525.
If Isabel’s hair had been a little tousled I think it could have looked less severe. The smoothed and straightened white-blonde monotone hair against her tanned skin just doesn’t look right. I think this is also kind of like those moments when magazines over-airbrush the women in their pages. There's no need to mess with her so much when she's already so naturally pretty.

Image: celebutopia via the Fashion Spot forums.