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Male Model Anthon Wellsjo Wants to Follow You [VIDEO] (Forum Buzz)

Male model Anthon WellsjoMale model Anthon Wellsjo is joining the ranks of other model/musicians with his debut single “Allawannado (is Follow You)” and Fashion Spot forum members are thrilled about it. I think part of the appeal is that when you combine a good looking guy with musical talent his crush-worthiness soars. Plus, if he’s going to be making music videos then that’s just one more extended opportunity for ogling.
“OMFG! A bunch of emotions just went through my body!” CrisGalaxy exclaimed after watching Anthon’s music video. “He is so beautiful and so is the song!”
“Love the video and song, he's amazing,” TeeVanity posted.
Sophiee wrote: “I love Anthon's voice. And the video is really cute too, he is just so endearing.”
HeatherAnne thinks that Anthon has what it takes to stand out from the crowd. “It seems a lot of these male models have bands or consider themselves ‘musicians who model,’” she commented, “but it seems clear to me Anthon is very musically gifted with all his composing projects for fashion labels and now this great new single. Congrats to him, the song and video are beautiful.”
If you haven’t skipped all the above commentary to watch the video, then check it out below. I think I’d be ok with it if Anthon wanted to follow me.

Image via the Fashion Spot forums.